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Why come to The Piano Technology School?

Now in our sixth year - our intensive course in Piano Technology, applies the  integrated approach to learning piano tuning: This is to teach piano tuning in the traditional way by ear, but supported by the latest in digital technology.  This is a model based on the highest international standard of training which Steve, by his own experience, has found to be the most effective way to teach the basics of Tuning by Ear. The use of electronic tuning devices, speeds up the teaching, and thus, the learning process.


With no padding out, no unnecessary modules, and a professional focus, students are put to task immediately; learning theory along side hands-on practical relevant training.  Our introductory course runs along international models, such as University of Ontario and Bennet St. School in Boston under Mario Igrec. 

Trade supported and 


Personal attention in small teaching groups


Integrated method aural and digital

Professional development opportunities and relevant business training .;

 We are building working relationships with others in the Piano Trade to assist students with their development opportunities.

Our Outcomes:

We are grateful to all those in the  trade that have made our most recent  courses our most successful,

We had 8 students in 2018/19, who were able to attend valuable work experience. Following this, four of these students were offered full time employment with companies around the country.(see blog Where are they now)

We enjoy a mutually supportive relationship with KAWAI UK, where Students enjoy a day of training at Kawai HQ near Milton Keynes, have access to staff and pianos at KAWAI to gain further experience and several students continue to gain paid experience after they have finished their studies as part of their continued professional development.


Student membership of PTA  and I.M.I.T

The invaluable experience of Steve Droy as both a practising concert Piano Tuner and a trainer provides an excellent combination for a sound start in the piano trade.


One off Tuition, workshops and training seminars for those already in the trade.

Tailor made one-to-one or group training available either at our school, on-site or via webinar.

Ideal for retailers or technicians  who would like to offer staff training, without losing valuable shop floor time.  Contact us to discuss your needs.