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Steve Droy Piano Services

"Life is like a piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it!"  Tom Lehrer


Steve is a highly qualified piano tuner with 30 years experience in the trade, starting in North London where he continues to look after clients that include families, schools, live venues and professional musicians & celebrities alike.  Now Director of The Piano Technology School, Steve and our tuners offer tuning, technical services and advice to local customers across Northampton, Rugby ,Leicestershire & Warwickshire villages. local customers include NMPAT, Lawrence Sheriff School, St Andrews Church Rugby & many  local Musicians, schools and choirs.


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Piano Tuning

A piano should be tuned at least once a year to maintain the tension within the instrument and to keep it in good working order. We pride ourselves in providing friendly affordable expert technical services, whether you & your children are learning on the old family upright, or you are a professional musician performing live or in the studio. 

Fine Tuning and Pitch Raise £70 - £85

A standard fine tuning is £70. This takes around an hour and ideally should be done twice a year. A pitch raise take a little longer and ensures that the piano is played at concert pitch. This is important if you want to play with other instruments or recorded music. When you become our customer we provide a courtesy reminder service every 6 months to tell you that the piano may be due for a tuning. There is no obligation to book, but it is one less thing for you to write on that do list on the fridge to forget about!. 

Schools, Music Teachers & Musical Organisations.

We appreciate that funds can be tight for schools. Whether you are a state primary or independent Preparatory school, you want to be able to offer your students well maintained insruments to practice on and ensure they are tuned for those important performances. We offer discounts to all our school customers, the more pianos the bigger the discount.

If you are a music teacher and you introduce a customer to us, we will give you £10 off your next tuning. We also offer commission on piano sales.


Repairs & Restoration

From minor running repairs on your family upright to major complex restoraion projects on cherished Grands,Ourworkshop facilities at The Piano Technology School, mean we can offer customers a complete professional service.  


Sales & Removals

All our pianos are good quality, secondhand instruments that come with a one year parts guarentee. We can advise you on finding the right piano, whether it is for the beginner or intermediate player.