• Tabitha Cowen

Where are they Now?

We are very proud of our students and their success is our success, so forgive us if we take a moment to shout about it!

The class of 2019 saw all of our 8 trainees carry out some valuable work experience during their time with us. Following on from that, 4 of the students were offered jobs with great companies; where they continue to learn and develop their skills. The remaining four are working freelance, both for themselves and with other tuners. To give you an idea...

John Irvine - originally from New Zealand,John spent time as an Intern in Switzerland, during his course. Upon completion,John has landed a job at prestigious British company@pianorestorationsltd where he continues to develop his workshop skills.

Samantha Lord- Samantha hails from Canada and is now working as a tuner @MarksonPianos in London.

Thomas B Williams -headed back to Wales to take up the offer of work @CoachHousePianos in Swansea- and is also working for himself, while learning on the job with the fantastic CoachHouse Team.

Dave Salway- As well as working with his experienced uncle, Dave is working for Venables Pianos and has his own growing business around the Bournemouth area.

Jordan Matthews- Jordan’s Mature work ethic and relaxed attitude made him an ideal candidate for Islington Pianos to take him on as a Freelance tuner working alongside Steve Droy, in. North London supporting Jordan in his setting up of his own round.

John irvine Piano Restorations Ltd

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