• Tabitha Cowen

We are still learning!

As we went in to Lockdown, we were heading into our Easter break where usually our students would be off to various places for work experience along side their tuning practice at home. While the Students where on holiday, we quickly

set about looking at ways we could continue to deliver the remainder of the course effectively and it was also time to work on those projects we

had started and not finished. One of which was one we had been working on for a while; how to deliver different classes and courses in a interactive online way. Nothing like a lockdown to focus the mind!

Delighted to say that we have been able

to welcome the group back and have been back with several workshop tutorials from Steve as well as peer run sessions on Zoom and the students have been sharing their own projects with each other, as they practice repair and tuning skills at home. We have also been able to move some of the business seminars forward and we are now using this time to work on Those soft skills required as they start they careers. This week we enjoyed a fabulous presentation by the founders of Gazelle, the piano tuners customer app and the Gazelle School of business- from the USA and we welcomed back some former students Who joined us from around the country. Over coming weeks we hope to give them some more useful guest speakers until we can all be back in the workshop together

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