• Tabitha Cowen

Another successful year ..inspite of you know what!

Well life-longlearning took on a whole new meaning this year for many of us, and we, like most had to adapt and dig deep to find ways to keep calm and carry on. We were incredibly lucky this year (as always tbh), that our cohort of trainees were a fantastic bunch of talented individuals who all got on together, supported each other as a group, as well as having to deal with their own domestic situations, and rolled with it as needed, with maturity and resilience. I have to thank then for their patience as we all learned to navigate the technical challenges of moving to some online learning.

We have learned what works, - what doesn't; how compressed sound of a piano over zoom is a problem - that goes for piano teachers too!

Where some things were tricky, other lessons worked better; Inviting Dean Rayburn from Cybertuner to host a Q&A for students past and present was attended by 14 smiling faces and we enjoyed a new found relationship with the hardworking guys at Gazelle, in the USA, who were also able to present to our students while they themselves were hundreds of miles apart from each other! Both of which we will do again regardless.

Heading back into the physical classroom from June 1st, we were very fortunate that Lockdown had hit towards the end of the course. 8 of our 9 trainees have completed and and passed their exams in July. We hope to welcome the remaining student back in the future to complete when he is able.

All are now working and slowly gaining experience working alongside experienced technicians across the country and setting up on their own. We wish them all the best on their new paths and we are of course continuing to help them make that transition into work, in what has been a strange year that lets face it no one will forget. No end of term pizza this year - but a much more enjoyable camp out- where songs were sung around the piano of course.

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