• Tabitha Cowen

Polyester Play Day

A huge thank you to the Barry and Roberta Caradine for organising a fantastic day at their workshop, in Sudbury Suffolk. Our 8 students were joined by others from around the country to learn from their

years of expertise in Polyester repairs. When we launched The Piano Technology School in 2015, We hoped that we would be able to build productive and valuable relationships with those in the Piano Trade who have so much experience to share with our students. I am delighted to say that this year;, as well as confirming our place as a leading and relevant training environment, we have been welcoming positive involvement from those experts in the trade, - from the workshops to retail. So lots of exciting visits and on-site training from guests to look forward to!

#steveDroy #pianotechnology #Gotwhatittakestolearntobeapianotuner

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