• Tabitha Cowen

A visit from I.M.I.T

We were delighted to welcome senior technician Malcolm Smith and Director of Markson Pianos, Julian Markson, to The piano Technology School today. Both en-route to an Institute of Musical Instrument Technicians meeting later today, they took time to come and visit our premises, see the students in action in the workshop and chat to them about the role of IMIT and how, with the growing number of students, their organisation is hoping to grow and be able to support the new blood coming into the trade. It was great for the students to meet them and to get an idea of the potential support IMIT can offer them on their careers. New members were signed, so we are looking forward to working on training events and visits with IMIT in the future. All good news for the UK Piano Trade.

Steve Droy, Malcolm Smith, Julian Markson, Tabitha Cowen

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